From a journal kept from 1898 to 1910 by Norman M. Morton, Bellevue, Tennessee, and from records kept from 1902 to 1945 by Miss Ola Potts, Pasquo, Tennessee, the ensuring information has been assembled regarding the history of the Church of Christ at Pasquo.

On August 24, 1901, a tent was rented from S.F. Morrow, Nashville, Tennessee, and placed on property owned by C.E. brown.  At this site, located on the north side of Harding Pike, J.W.  Grant conducted a two weeks meeting, with several additions.

Still another tent meeting was held, this time at the present location of the church, beginning on August 30. 1902.  Much interest was manifested in the series of lessons brought by M.S. Buford; and, as a result, many men and women were baptized.  Furthermore, zealous members began to look for ways to construct a church building at that location.  Mr. Coleman Eldridge Brown, better known as Mr. Collie, gave a deed to sufficient land to accommodate a church building and a cemetery to the following trustees E.N. Brown, I.M. Smith, M.J. Potts, James A. Lipton, and J.B. Miles.

Eager members soon saw a dream beginning to materialize.  On September 11, 1902, the first lumber was delivered, and work began on the house that was later to be called the Pasquo Church of Christ.  In the following months the building was completed.  The first sermon was delivered by William Anderson on May 17.1903.  In September of that same year, M.S. Buford conducted a three-week meeting in the new building, and fourteen persons obeyed the gospel.

The following are some of the Charter members of the church at Pasquo: C.E. Brown, E.N. Brown, Mrs. Jennie Brown, Georgie Brown, Miss Virge Brown, Mrs. Zannie Cartwright, Dr. And Mrs. William Compton, Mrs. Jennie Ensey, Miss Mattie Ensey, Mr. and Mrs. C.V. Farrar, Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Gray, Sandy Gray, Mrs. sue Gray, Mrs. Tabitha Kinnie, Miss Nina Kinnie, Mr. and Mrs. J.V. Linton, Mrs. J.B. Miles, Mrs. Margaret Moran, Mrs. Louise Morton, Mr. and Mrs. Norman, Morton, Mrs. Lucinda Peach, J.M. Potts, Miss Lona Potts, Miss Lucinda Potts, Mr. Nathan Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Smith, Mr. Ed Smith, John Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Stovall.  Several descendants of these families still worship in Pasquo.

Names of preachers of the first forty years growth of the church constitute an impressive list of servants of God; S.F. Morrow, W. Grant, M.S. Buford, S.H. Hall, Will Beasley, W.S. Morton, Andy T. Richie, Sr., Matthew Cayce, L.L. Yeagley, Silas Moody, Herbert Winkler, S.P. Pittman, R.V. Cawthorn, Granville Cullum, Herbert Robinson, L.O. Sanderson, J.L Jackson, E.H. Ijams, Willard Collins, Sam Davis Tatum, and John S. Allison.

Among the song leaders who have given dedicated service to the worship at Pasquo have been I.M. Smith, Dr. J.R. Major, David E. McPherson, Sam Davis Tatum, Tom Morris, Glenn Johnson, Sammie Smith, and Hugh Roy King.

Growth through the years made existing facilities increasingly inadequate; consequently, in 1946 and 1947, plans for erecting a larger church building at Pasquo were discussed.  The cooperation of individual members and the gracious liberality of Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Stephens, Sr. made possible the completion of the building.  It was in July 1948 that J.P. Sanders preached the first sermon in the present brick edifice.  He commended the membership for envisioning the potential growth of the community and for providing an attractive and comfortable place to worship-a place dedicated to the glory of God and to the service of man.

Since 1950, the following preachers have worked with the congregation: J.W. Brent, Jimmy Dorris, Edsel F. Holman, Mike Anglin, Robert Hooper, and Axel Swang.


The following is a list of preachers who have worked with the congregation until present day: Fay Cornwell, Duncan Rushing, John Temple, Scott Gleaves, Bill Collins, Joey Spann, and Marc Jones.